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GRAD PROJEKT GROUP consists of three related companies registered in three countries: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia, specialized in providing architectural, planning and consulting services in all stages of process. It is one of the few companies in this region that is able to offer its clients a complete service, from professional and technical analysis of the site, through obtaining urbanistic and building permits for the construction of buildings, development of draft and main projects for the purpose of obtaining building permits, to the financial analysis of investment profitability and a complete professional service quality control of works and technical supervision of all phases of construction.

Management and other GRAD PROJEKT GROUP stuff and various long-term associates has more than 20 years of technical and organizational experience to carry out all the tasks in the field of architectural and civil engineering works, the design of various building types, and works related to spatial and urban planning.

GRAD PROJEKT GROUP provides services in all developmental stages of design, architectural, urban and regional planning and consulting in the field of civil engineering and construction.

The parent company „GRAD PROJEKT“ Ltd was founded in 1999 in Banja Luka (RS, BiH), and in the last 20 years has carried out dozens of individual and commercial projects, residential, business, retailer, industrial and public buildings for the clients throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. It is one of the few companies in this region able to provide its clients with whole service, from professional and technical analysis of the location, the acquirement of planning approvals for construction of facilities, major projects by providing them with preliminary permits, to financial analysis, return on investment, as well as a complete professional quality and labour control service and supervision of edifice construction..

In 2010, for the purposes of the Serbian market, a company „SERBIA PROJEKT BIRO“ Ltd was established in Belgrade in order to provide to provide all types of services stated above in the territory of the Republic of Serbia in cooperation with the parent company. At the end of 2014 the end of 2014 „GRAD PROJEKT BIRO“ Ltd was founded in Slovenia, while a separate private consulting company „GRAD PROJEKT STUDIO“ Ltd was created  from a parent company. This one, together with the first two establishments now form a unique group „GRAD PROJEKT GROUP“, which operates in the area of three countries: the Republic of Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The concept of operation of the GP group is based on the need for further development of mutual economic relations, in particular between the three countries, Slovenia (namely in the EU) , Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Traditional and long-standing connection between these trade markets is based on the economic logic of the exchange of materials, goods and services, which also means a need to build, as well as investments in various economic activities.

GRAD PROJEKT GROUP has technical and organizational experience to carry out all the tasks in the field of civil engineering works, the design of buildings, works related to spatial planning, including obtaining zoning and other planning permits for the design, as well as providing all the necessary permits to start construction. Over twenty years of experience of staff management and various associates is a guarantee of success in accomplishing these tasks.

GRAD PROJEKT GROUP also has experience in the project management and the execution of their own investments and can offer services on the basis of previous analysis of potential locations for the construction and a quality evaluation of a risk assessment, the evaluation of time required for the investment and/or financial evaluation of the profitability of the investment in individual projects.

With years of experience in the field of design, spatial planning, construction and supervision of works on construction GRAD PROJEKT GROUP acquired reliable partners in other related areas, thus helping facilitate the entire process and providing legal and financial security of investment for prospective clients.

A special part of GRAD PROJEKT GROUP trades is the preparation of their own investment projects, which are ready for launch and implementation. This segment includes the preparation and resolution of property-legal relations, preparing and processing all the relevant input data, an analysis of the opportunities and needs of the market, the preparation of all permits and approvals for design, as well as the execution of all projects on the basis of the qualitative analysis of the investments. In this context, GRAD PROJEKT GROUP has the possibility of multiple locations available to start construction within 30-60 days from the date of signing the contract with a predetermined time limit for completion of the works. Even though the construction of buildings is a primary area of operation GRAD PROJECT GROUP has a professional staff capable of managing other processes and respond to all the requirements relating to the construction of municipal infrastructure, as well as the construction of energy facilities and installations.

Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in terms of the number of procedures and time required to obtain the necessary building permits are unfortunately ranked low among European countries. GRAD PROJEKT GROUP with years of experience in this segment, on the market of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, provides easier and legally safe way of execution of the entire investment process, from concept to final realization.

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